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Monday, November 29, 2010

Required qualifications for a Ruby on rails developer

Want to be a efficient ROR developer.Then you should know all these

Looking for code monkeys we want to find people who care about their code and who want to be challenged and grow in their skills.

Who we’re looking for:
I’m not going to list 100 technologies you need to know to join our team. Through our hiring process we’ve determined that there are only a few must-haves to pass the bar. You need to demonstrate the following:

1.Computer Science Degree or you must understand Computer Science fundamentals (data structures/algorithms)
2.You have deep chops in web services/web development (basically web technologies)
3·You are a seasoned Ruby/Ruby on Rails developer (no minimum exp - just the ability to do what you say - prove it – could be that you did school/personal projects and are confident with your skills.)
4.The other soft requirements are that you are a good fit for our team
a)Clear thought process - conception to theory to execution
b)Articulate ideas and process
c)Open to other's ideas
d)Smart, Passionate, and willing to listen
e)Can you learn from others? Can you collaborate well?
f)Demonstrate that you can attack problems creatively and have a flexible mind.
5)Rails, Merb, Capistrano, Git, Linux, HTML/DHTML/CSS/Javascript, Ajax, AWS (S3/EC2/SQS/SDB), RESTful APIs, async processing/messages queues (Starling, DelayedJob, etc), Nginx, Apache + Phusion Passenger, Haproxy, SQL, db optimization.

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